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July 29 2018

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:25 pm
by CosmicJerry
Hello, everyone!
so after a few months of losing track of time/money and many other issues I have returned to reboot the server!
SOOOOO lets get into this dev diary, i am going to be covering everything i can think of that has been done over the past week and what is being worked on as of right now.

NEW map, we now run on rp_downtown_tits_v1
NEW ATM system
NEW slot machines
NEW Mining system
NEW Oil Mining system
NEW Meth cooking system
NEW Cars LW and TDM cars
NEW Loading screen
NEW Bitminers
NEW Money printers
NEW Donation system
NEW Car dealer
NEW Anti-Cheat
NEW Party system

***************Currently being fixed***************
Players can pocket certain items
players can use unwanted tools with the toolgun
cars can deal damage to players (cdm)
props can deal damage to players
jail positions
still need to add a few more donator and non donator jobs
Cops and SWAT cannot access the "cops and mayor only" doors