Meth Cooking Tutorial

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Meth Cooking Tutorial

Post by CosmicJerry » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:02 pm

Here is a full tutorial about cooking meth.
to see images right click on "image" and view image

Step 1
-Buy a "Combiner"

Step 2
-Buy the required amount of methylamine
-add methylamine buy placing it over the hole on the top left of the combiner
-wait for methylamine to process

Step 3
-buy the required amount of aluminium
-add aluminium buy placing it over the hole on the top left of the combiner
-wait for aluminium to process

Step 4
-buy a filter
-install filter over the hole on the top left of the combiner

Step 5
-buy a freezer
-extract a cooling rack from the freezer by pressing "e"
-place a cooling rack on the shelf to the right of the combiner

Step 6
-Once the sludge is done processing it will automatically flow onto the cooling rack make sure to put empty ones in place of the full one once it fills
-after the racks fill with sludge place them back into the freezer

Step 7
-once the sludge has cooled you must remove the rack from the freezer
-break the meth up by pressing "e" on the racks

Step 8
-place the meth bags into a transport crate when it is full it will automatically close

Step 9
from here you have two options, you can either
- take the transport crate straight to the meth buyer
- or you can stack 12 transport crates on a transport pallet and take all 12 to the meth buyer

Step 10
- press "e" on the meth buyer once you have taken the meth to him, he will give you the location to the meth drop off point
- you have 1 minute to get the meth there or you will lose all your meth!
- once you get close to the drop off point it will open and you can drop the meth inside

as you can see in the image a full pallet (12000KG) of meth will earn you $600000!!!!

And that is all, Now get cookin'
Thy potato gods shall shower their wealth unto thee!


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