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DarkRP Server Rules

Post by CosmicJerry » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:41 pm

DarkRP Rules

1. General rules:

1.01 Do not cheat, exploit or gain an unfair advantage.

1.02 Do not kill players without a valid reason. (RDM).

1.03 Do not be offensive towards other players (OOC)

1.04 Do not mic/chat spam.

1.05 Do not prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.

1.06 Do not use an inappropriate RP name.

1.07 Do not interfere with staff sits or staff who are on duty.

1.08 Do not evade bans, this will lead to further punishment.

1.09 Do not impersonate others.

1.10 Do not FailRP/FearRP (Failing to follow roleplay, e.g pulling out a gun when someone has a gun pointed at you).

1.11 Do not break the new life rule, this applies to everybody. (NLR - 3 minutes).

1.12 Do not self-supply (Changing to gun dealer to buy yourself weapons).

1.13 Do not use chain adverts (mug/raid in one advert).

1.14 You must have a valid roleplay reason to place a hit on somebody.

1.15 Do not return to your base that you were killed in until the raid is over. This applies even if your new life rule timer has expired. You must wait until the raid has finished.

2. Building Rules:

2.01 While building you must display a building sign. You cannot own any entities (printers, weed pots) while this sign is being displayed.

2.02 A player must be able to enter and exit your building with only a keypad cracker and lockpick.

2.03 Do not fading door abuse (Opening the fading door with your keybind to give yourself an unfair advantage over raiders).

2.04 You may not own more than one base at any given time.

2.05 The entrance to your base can have a maximum of three fading doors. More fading doors can be used for entity containers.

2.06 You may only have a single keypad or button for each fading door.

2.07 You may not use fake keypads or buttons.

2.08 Fading doors must be open for at least 5 seconds when a keypad has activated it.

2.09 Keypads must be placed near the fading door (this is down to admin discretion).

2.10 Do not build inside buildings you do not own/have permission to build inside.

2.11 Do not build your base in a way which gives the defenders an unfair advantage over raiders (maze/crouch/jump)

2.12 You may not build in public areas (Roads, hospital, police department, spawn, bank, etc), Homeless are allowed to build whatever they want aslong as it's fun, doesn't affect someones base or roads.

2.13 KOS (kill on sight) signs must be clear and readable.

2.14 KOS reasons must not be vague or ambiguous. e.g. 'KOS if loitering'.

2.15 You may not build while you are being raided.

2.16 Head glitches must be no smaller than the height of the lampshade model (models/props_c17/lampshade001a.mdl)

3. Raiding/Killing Rules:

3.01 Do not interfere with players who are displaying a building sign on their base (rule 2.01).

3.03 You may only raid the same base once every 30 minutes.

3.04 You may not kill players inside a public area. (e.g. gun store, bank, repair shops etc.) who do not pose a threat. Instead, use the FearRP rule to your advantage and tell them to face the wall.

3.05 A raid must not last longer than 15 minutes

3.06 You may not build while raiding.

3.07 You must advert before mugging, kidnapping, raiding.

4. Police Rules:

4.01 Do not weapon check people without a valid reason.

4.02 Do not kill people who do not pose a threat to you. This includes in a bank raid.

4.03 Ensure people can pass through your police checkpoint while it is being built.

4.04 Be responsible and follow roleplay as if you were a police officer.

4.05 You must abide by the laws stated on the law board.

4.06 You may not own entities such as printers or drugs.

4.07 You must not combat arrest (Arresting someone with their gun out)

5. Mugging/Kidnapping/Hits Rules:

5.01 You may not kidnap in an open or public area.

5.02 You may only mug a player for a maximum of $50,000.

5.03 You may only have a player kidnapped for a maximum of 20 minutes (you may kill if no one pays)

5.04 You may house a maximum of 3 kidnapped players inside your base.

5.05 You may ask for a ransom of $100,000 maximum for a kidnapped player.

5.06 You can only mug someone out of sight of other players, if they don't hand over the money you must kidnap them or set them free (no killing)

5.07 You may only mug once every 30 mins.

6. Abbreviations:

OOC - Out of character
NLR - New life rule
IC - In character
RDM - Random death match
FDA - Fading door abuse
RDA - Random arrest
Mod - Moderator
Admin - Administrator
SA - Super admin
HA - Head admin
LTAP - Left to avoid punishment
LTAR - Left to avoid raid
RP - Roleplay
IRL - In real life
IG - In game
IGN - In game name

7. Job Rules:


Weed pots/printers: No
Mug/kidnap: No
Weapons allowed: Pistols/melee
Can base: Police Department

Police (all):

Weed pots/printers: No
Mug/kidnap: No
Weapons allowed: All
Can base: Police department


Weed pots/printers: No
Mug/kidnap: No
Weapons allowed: No
Can base: No

Gun Dealer & BlackMarket Dealer:

Weed pots/printers: Yes
Mug/kidnap: No
Weapons allowed: All
Can base: Yes (must have a publicly open gun store)

Security Guard:

Weed pots/printers: Yes/Only if basing with their hired boys
Mug/kidnap: No
Weapons allowed: All
Can base: Yes (must be hired by another player)

Gangster, Crook, Mob Boss, Hacker:

Weed pots/printers: Yes
Mug/kidnap: Yes
Weapons allowed: All
Can base: Yes


Weed pots/printers: Yes
Mug/kidnap: No
Weapons allowed: All
Can base: Yes
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