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CosmicJerry - Owner/Lead developer

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:58 pm
by CosmicJerry
Hello, I am CosmicJerry the owner and lead developer of Night Shift Gaming. I reside in Canada too scared to leave my house due to extreme cold temperatures :lol:.
Nah just kidding I am a welder by trade with a deep passion for computers and gaming, I live with my girlfriend of 2 years now in a tiny little condo.

My promise to you is this:
As long as i have the money and there is even one player getting entertainment from my services, then it is my responsibility to keep the services running.
I will never ditch because of boredom, this community is part of my family and I don't desert family.

Please feel free to invite any and all friends to join the community and grow our family. Look forward to seeing you all in game :)